WELl tuned

Live at the Weli, 29.6.2003

Look at the invitation
the invitation, inviting
Look at the fascinating event
sto "mr.weli" ffl gre "no flash in my face" gor, waiting chri "take a picture!" su, waiting georg and simone
georg and simone georg and simone mani and bernd simone, cecilia, and mani
georg, simone, cecilia, mani philipp, tired from hiking, and gregor, still waiting david, thirsty, audience, preparing gregor and chrisu, tuning
bar we "living room" li we could start ... chrisu, introducing trio, ready for takeoff
gregor in action gregor still in action chrisu in action chrisu still in action
chrisu, concentrated trio infernal on stage the audience, enthusiastic after the concert
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  1. Intro (spoken, 457.665 byte)
  2. Mississippi Blues No.2 (2.119.053 byte)
  3. Song for Marcel (2.973.362 byte)
  4. Song for Charly (2.797.401 byte)
  1. The Fiddler (3.087.047 byte)
  2. Planxty Weli (2.559.582 byte)
  3. Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife (2.353.110 byte)
  4. Planxty Carolan (Zugabe, 4.447.086 byte)
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  1. Intro (spoken)
  2. Mississippi Blues No.2
  3. Song for Marcel
  4. Song for Charly
  1. The Fiddler
  2. Planxty Weli
  3. Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife
  4. Planxty Carolan (Zugabe)
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authors: Chrisu & Gregor
last update: 18.4.2004