Xmas Concert

Live at Bogen 13, 22.12.2001
Together with Die Tontauben: Last Order

Look at the invitation
the invitation, inviting
Look at the fascinating event
gregor and chrisu, preparing gregor and chrisu, waiting trio are they playing?
chrisu, introducing next song gregor, working hard trio at work fan poster and audience
audience, enthusiastic flo, technical support groovy! here comes the beat
gregor and chrisu, still playing trio trio trio, playing fast
and on we go same picture, different light chrisu at his best special guest: klemi and his harp
doing the blues klemi fotzhobeling
Download songs as MP3
  1. Intro (spoken, feat. Niki, 1.116.455 byte)
  2. Willoughby's Farm (1.961.569 byte)
  3. Autumn Leaves (2.616.929 byte)
  4. Desafinado (2.778.679 byte)
  5. Eleanor Rigby (3.552.321 byte)
  6. Lady Madonna (2.075.672 byte)
  7. The Blarney Pilgrim (unreleased)
  1. Bubbles for Lizzy (3.220.880 byte)
  2. Dance of the Eagle (3.617.523 byte)
  3. Peter's Fancy (2.926.218 byte)
  4. Sugar and Spice (2.955.894 byte)
  5. Windy and Warm (5.200.752 byte)
  6. Delta Blues (feat. Klemi, 3.846.565 byte)
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  1. Intro (spoken, feat. Niki)
  2. Willoughby's Farm
  3. Autumn Leaves
  4. Desafinado
  5. Eleanor Rigby
  6. Lady Madonna
  7. The Blarney Pilgrim (unreleased)
  1. Bubbles for Lizzy
  2. Dance of the Eagle
  3. Peter's Fancy
  4. Sugar and Spice
  5. Windy and Warm
  6. Delta Blues (feat. Klemi)
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