Thunder & Lightning

Live at Wurmbachweg, 6.7.2001

Look at the invitation
the invitation, inviting
Look at the fascinating event
gregor and chrisu, before gregor and chrisu, preparing cris and klemi, waiting maria, ganz dame des hauses
audience and artists, just before the gig
chrisu's first picks chrisu and gregor, concentrated gregor, very concentrated chrisu and gregor, playing along
tuning for wellington cris and klemi, waiting for wellington christine and alex, watching the artists tune gregor's bottleneck, waiting to be picked up
trio on stage
chrisu, introducing the next song alex, fascinated klemi helping gregor (yes it was stormy) klemi still assisting
trio, having fun gregor, guitar, tabulatures, and wind gregor, picking despite the flutes (fortunately not _here_) alex, acting as chrisus personal assistent
audience, looking in multiple directions
chrisu has a good laugh chrisu, posing chrisu and gregor, after oops?!
Download songs as MP3
  1. Willoughby's Farm (2.177.821 byte)
  2. West Coast Blues (1.081.513 byte)
  3. Cold Comfort (2.403.515 byte)
  4. Wellington (3.007.046 byte)
  5. The Dervish (2.116.376 byte)
  6. First Rag (1.408.768 byte)
  7. Powder Rag (3.611.415 byte)
  8. Bubbles for Lizzy (4.256.333 byte)
  9. The Blarney Pilgrim (4.127.185 byte)
  1. The Blarney Pilgrim II (2.637.582 byte)
  2. Dadala (1.754.836 byte)
  3. Mercy, Mercy (intro) (spoken, 826.559 byte)
  4. Mercy, Mercy (4.329.887 byte)
  5. Desafinado (2.757.524 byte)
  6. 30 Second Shuffle (intro) (spoken, 523.962 byte)
  7. 30 Second Shuffle (Zugabe, 675.257 byte)
  8. Wellington II (Zugabe, 1.691.313 byte)
  9. Dance of the Eagle (Zugabe, 3.567.537 byte)
Listen to songs with RealPlayer
  1. Willoughby's Farm
  2. West Coast Blues
  3. Cold Comfort
  4. Wellington
  5. The Dervish
  6. First Rag
  7. Powder Rag
  8. Bubbles for Lizzy
  9. The Blarney Pilgrim
  1. The Blarney Pilgrim II
  2. Dadala
  3. Mercy, Mercy (intro) (spoken)
  4. Mercy, Mercy
  5. Desafinado
  6. 30 Second Shuffle (intro) (spoken)
  7. 30 Second Shuffle (Zugabe)
  8. Wellington II (Zugabe)
  9. Dance of the Eagle (Zugabe)
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