Welcome Back to Vienna

Live at Erndtgasse, 3.2.2001

Look at the fascinating event
gregor and coffee bernadette and gerhard, hanging over room, under construction room, under construction
chair on the floor gregor and coffe again bernadette and gerhard, bed under construction
kitchen kitchen look to entrance foyer
georg, cupboard gregor, cupboard johnny, cupboard gregor's right arm
how to construct a cupboard ((c) philipp) gregor, cupboard johnny and the microwave gregor&georg, before the concert
gregor's belly, waiting for the audience georg in his reading chair georg, still pretending to read georg, desk
georg, desk georg, desk georg, desk georg, empty shelves
georg, shelves again georg, climbing his bed georg on his bed georg, still on his bed
georg, enjoying his new bed georg and the light trio, starting the concert trio, posing for audience
chrisu and gregor, almost playing georg, thirsty gandl, listening gerhard, listening
johnny and bettina, watching johnny and bettina, listening chrisu and gregor, playing trio, finally playing
gerhard, listening johnny and bettina, enthusiastic georg (still thirsty) and gandl (still listening) tanja and peter, on top
trio, bowing peter, getting closer kitchen kitchen
kitchen foyer with cupboard foyer with washing machine kitchen (viewed from foyer)
corner in foyer kitchen bathroom the morning after featuring gregor and georg (is it a bed or a boat?)
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  1. Intro (spoken, 1.767.340 byte)
  2. Camptown Races (1.821.884 byte)
  3. Midnight in Moscow (2.300.238 byte)
  4. Willoughbys Farm (3.907.709 byte)
  5. Dance of the Eagle (6.454.335 byte)
  6. Bubbles for Lizzy (5.493.238 byte)
  7. Pause 1 (spoken, 5.637.433 byte)
  8. Pause 2 Trio Info (spoken, 1.457.633 byte)
  1. Cold Comfort (3.882.005 byte)
  2. Dadala (3.184.222 byte)
  3. Break (spoken, 3.697.058 byte)
  4. 30 Second Shuffle (1.457.006 byte)
  5. Powder Rag (5.755.298 byte)
  6. Austrian Lullaby (2.513.398 byte)
  7. Blues Medley (Zugabe, 8.109.453 byte)
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  1. Intro (spoken)
  2. Camptown Races
  3. Midnight in Moscow
  4. Willoughbys Farm
  5. Dance of the Eagle
  6. Bubbles for Lizzy
  7. Pause 1 (spoken)
  8. Pause 2 Trio Info (spoken)
  1. Cold Comfort
  2. Dadala
  3. Break (spoken)
  4. 30 Second Shuffle
  5. Powder Rag
  6. Austrian Lullaby
  7. Blues Medley (Zugabe)


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