Welcome Back to Vienna

Live at the Limerick's, 26.1.2001

Look at the invitation
the invitation, inviting
Look at the fascinating event
2/3 trio, preparing trio, almost started 1 1/2 trio, playing
chrisu and gregors left hand, playing georg and chrisus left hand, playing gregor and chrisu, playing
gregoa, playing, and the wall the audience, listening georg and a little bit of chrisu, playing
the little microphone, recording chrisu and georg, playing gregor and chrisu, playing
chrisu, playing fast the audience, proud to be there chrisu and georg, still playing
chrisu and georg, fastfingering the trio, in action the trio, still in action
chrisu and gregors left hand, picking gregor and chrisus right arm, picking georg, changing tabulatures
chrisu, just himself georg, concentrated gregor, concentrated
cecilia, hiding chrisu, picking the audience, still there
gregor and chrisus right arm, playing the trio, bowing cecilia, confessing fanship
Download songs as MP3
  1. Intro (spoken, 720.896 byte)
  2. Camptown Races (1.916.928 byte)
  3. Midnight in Moscow (1.951.744 byte)
  4. Willoughbys Farm (4.118.528 byte)
  5. Microphone (spoken, 2.433.024 byte)
  6. Dance of the Eagle (5.736.448 byte)
  7. Bubbles Intro (spoken, 1.576.960 byte)
  1. Bubbles for Lizzy (5.097.472 byte)
  2. Cold Comfort (3.688.448 byte)
  3. Dadala (3.463.168 byte)
  4. 30 Second Shuffle (2.011.136 byte)
  5. Powder Rag (5.519.360 byte)
  6. Austrian Lullaby (2.738.176 byte)
  7. Blues Medley (Zugabe, 7.127.040 byte)
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  1. Intro (spoken)
  2. Camptown Races
  3. Midnight in Moscow
  4. Willoughbys Farm
  5. Microphone (spoken)
  6. Dance of the Eagle
  7. Bubbles Intro (spoken)
  1. Bubbles for Lizzy
  2. Cold Comfort
  3. Dadala
  4. 30 Second Shuffle
  5. Powder Rag
  6. Austrian Lullaby
  7. Blues Medley (Zugabe)
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© Trio Infernal 2001
authors: Chrisu & Gregor
last update: 18.4.2004